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Position: Truck driver

Requirements: Truckdriver with CE license and valid CPC-card and digital tachographcard

Job site: Linköping (200km south of Stockholm) 

Address: Köpetorpsvägen 8, S-58278 Linköping

Salary: 120SEK per hour before tax (tax is 20% first 6 months). Fixed hours for every turn (about 3-6 stops per turn). Driver is expected to load and unload his truck (some turns are loaded before). Holiday pay is included. No extra for overtime.

Contract length: 6 months contract if the test period of 2 week runs well.

Trucks: Mostly Volvo and Scania

Driving combination: Tractor vid 13,6m trailer and dolly/trailer combination 25,25 m. Education in driving the 25,25m combination is free no charged hours. Education is at least 1-3 days but can be up to two weeks depending on skill.

Living: The company will pay for accommodation it is a shared living. The apartment is located 30-40 km from job site so you have to bring your own car. You will clean apartment before leave.

Other conditions: Vacation is ok if you arrange it with the site manager (no vacation before September this year). No smoking in the car. Cleaning the car inside after every working shift.

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